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About Me 

My name is Zack. I'm a Chicago-born, Toronto-based artist and animal lover.


Housepets to me are a very special collision of domestic and wild, which is why I take such joy in capturing them on paper. 

I myself am the current parent to a ball python, a turtle, two geckos and two huge oscar fish. Though I am currently not living with a cat, dog or a hedgehog, all have been important parts of my homelife and will be again in the future.

I also work CPDT — Certified Professional Dog Trainer  — at a really incredible "Dog School"  called Unleashed in the City.


A big part of my job is guiding the dogs through off-leash adventures in Toronto’s parks and beaches. The happiest parts of my week, and the foundation of my relationship with the city’s pockets of nature, come from these excursions. 

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